Trinkets and Décor: My Etsy Shop

To visit my shop click on this image.
To visit my shop click on this image.

My Etsy shop, Trinkets and Décor, came to be after I was given a load of vintage jewelry that had belong to my great-aunt. When she passed away, my grandma came to possess the hidden jewels. Since she did not wear much jewelry and a lot of it did not suit her tastes, the jewelry lay hidden away in an old box, in the bottom corner of a seldom used closet. Recently my grandma realized my affection towards old things and gave me the trove of accessories. After perusing the assortment of necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets, I realized that much of the jewelry did not suit me either (mostly because I also do not wear jewelry often). Granted permission to sell the jewelry, so it would stop gathering dust in closets, I started my etsy shop, Trinkets and Décor.

Even before the treasure trove of jewelry came into my possession, I contemplated opening an etsy shop for paintings and other things I made. I have painted since middle school and made jewelry since high school. The addition of my great-aunt’s jewelry, pushed me to finally open the shop.

I decided to name the shop Trinkets and Décor to represent the vintage jewelry I am selling (the trinkets) and the paintings I hope to sell (the Décor).

You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with a book blog?” Well, in addition to the jewelry (vintage and handmade), I am also selling other things I have made like bookmarks, but more on that later.
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